Séminaire « Missions religieuses dans le monde ibérique moderne »

La prochaine séance du séminaire « Missions religieuses dans le monde ibérique moderne » aura lieu

le vendredi 19 avril de 13h à 15h,

EHESS-CARE, salle Alphonse Dupront, 10 rue Monsieur le Prince 75006 Paris.

Intervenant :  Kristina Bross (Université de Purdue):  » Women’s Work: Colonial New England Evangelism, 1640-1660″

Abstract: This presentation will consider the role of women in supporting and populating the colonial Massachusetts « mission to the Indians » led by Puritan minister John Eliot. While the mission is generally understood as an enterprise by and for men (English Christian men working to convert Native men), I will take a closer look at print archives and women’s material culture to argue that the mission depended on the active participation of English and Native women.  After a general overview on the settlement of the Massachusetts Bay Colony by English Puritans and a summary of Puritan and Algonquian beliefs and cultures, the presentation will focus on three women:  Lady Armine, an important English investor in the colonial mission effort, Hannah Mumford Eliot, the wife of John Eliot and an Algonquian woman known to us today only as the wife of Wampooas, a leading Indian Christian.

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