The Politics of Religion in early modern France

CouvertureJoseph Bergin, The Politics of Religion in early modern France, Yale University Press, London, October 2014.

Rich in detail and broad in scope, this book seeks to analyse the interaction on of religion and politics during the crucial years of the ‘long’ seventeenth century. The books begins with the wars of religion, which proved to be longer and more violent in France than anywhere else in Europe and left a legacy of unresolved tensions between church and state, with serious repercussions for each. The book then draws together a series of unresolved problems – both practical and ideological – which challenged French leaders thereafter. In particular it offers a detailed account of how the conflicts of the earlier generations – e.g. with the Protestants, Jansenists – continued and became more explosive during the reign of Louis XIV. It arrives at an original and comprehensive view of the close interrelations between the political and spiritual spheres of the time.

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